Meet the Executive Board...


Jonathan Barnett

Position: President

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration concentration: Marketing & Information Systems Business Analytics

Favorite Teams: NY Mets, Jets, & Knicks

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Luc Sandler

Position: Vice President

Year: Senior

Major: Communications & Business Administration Concentration: marketing

Favorite Teams: NY Mets



Position: Secretary

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration Concentration: Marketing & Information technology management

Favorite Teams: Patriots and Yankees


Emma Blodgett

Position: Treasurer

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting & Business Administration concentration: Finance and Management

Favorite Teams: Patriots, Red Sox, & All thing SU

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Kassielle Peña

Position: Director of Marketing

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration concentration: Marketing and Management minor: Film Studies

Favorite Teams: NY Yankees and San Francisco 49ers

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Kody Wnuk

Position: Community Service Chair

Year: Junior

Major: Actuarial Science & Economics minor: Computer Science

Favorite Teams: Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, NY Yankee, Atletico de Madrid

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Alex Goodstein

Position: Director of Member Services

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Favorite Teams: Islanders, Jets Mets, Raptors, Manchester city


Jen DeGaetano

Position: Event Coordinator

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration & Financial Market Regulation. concentration: Finance and Management

Favorite Teams: Yankees and Giants


Nicholas Whalen

Position: Fundraising Chair

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration minor: Economics

Favorite Teams: Yankees, Giants, and Knicks


Shivam Merai

Position: Event Coordinator

Year: Junior

Major: Business Administration minor: Politics

Favorite Teams: Knicks, Yankees, and Giants


"Since I can remember, my life has seemed to always evolve around sports. In a nutshell, I could not imagine my life without sports, which is why I joined ASBO. As a Freshman, I wanted to meet people and get involved somehow. ASBO offered everything I could want. Everyone wanted to watch sports, talk about sports, or work in sports, it was the perfect fit for me. This is now my third year on the Executive Board and I am glad each day that I decided to get involved Freshman year. If someone has any interest in sports I would immediately direct them to ASBO, not just because it’s sports based but because it will make your time at college more enjoyable."


"Business and sports are two of my biggest passions. I knew I wanted to work in sports since I was ten years old and realized that if I was going to be a part of professional sports, it wouldn’t be from my athletic talents. When I was in tenth grade, I got my first start in the industry as a clubhouse staff member for the Long Island Ducks, a position in which I still hold today. After recently completing an internship with the Albany Empire I look forward to sharing my knowledge with he rest of ASBO this school year!"


"I joined ASBO to make connections in the football industry pertaining to concussions and sport addiction specialists."


"For most of my life I have always loved playing and watching sports. in high school I played basketball and soccer. when I came to Albany I knew I wouldn't be playing sports competitively anymore but I still wanted to be involved in the sports world. ASBO was the perfect fit for me! After joining my freshman year, I loved the atmosphere and events ASBO put on and I knew I wanted to join the E-board to help continue the success of the club. I was bought on as the Director of Member Services my junior year and I am excited to serve as treasurer for my senior year! My goal is to make this club as beneficial to our members as possible!"


"I've been playing organized sports since I was 8 years old. In high school, I played football, (yes, tackle football) basketball, and softball. Just before my senior year, I had torn multiple ligaments in my right knee, making me realize that I wouldn't be playing forever. I think every athlete has a moment like this, at the high school level and even professional. ASBO allows me to keep my passion for sports alive and presents great job opportunities. I've gone out of my comfort zone - last thing I ever thought I'd do is travel to Boston for a Red Sox game... Im a Yankees fan! But most importantly, I get to meet incredible people, both students and professionals."


"Since I was the only student from my graduating class to attend Albany, I was looking to find a club to get involved in so that I could meet new people during my freshman year. I came across ASBO on MyInvolvement and knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the sports industry while also meeting other students that are as passionate about sports as I am. After only two years with the club, I have already had the opportunity to meet professionals from the NFL, MLB, and NBA. This club has truly enhanced my Albany experience and I am excited for the bright future that this club has ahead of it."


"I originally joined ASBO because I wanted to make some new friends as a transfer student. My favorite things to do include sports so I wanted to be surrounded by people who have similar interests."


"As an athlete for most of my life, I have always had an appreciation for sports. Throughout high school, I played varsity football which fostered me with some skills I will to continue to use in the world today. I love the consistent challenge that comes with sports and the various opportunities that the field of business can bring about. I plan to reach out and connect with students on campus and share the benefits the world of sports and business have when they combine."


"I joined ASBO because of my love of sports and desire to work in a front office staff in the future of my career."

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